Kancelaria Doradztwa Gospodarczego Sombro sp. z o.o. was established to support primarily new entrepreneurs in their problems on the Polish market and beyond.

We support entrepreneurs at every stage of their activities. We are a Consulting company supporting its clients in the field of accounting, legal as well as financial. We offer ready-made companies in Warsaw, Poznan as well as in other cities and European countries.

The goal and mission of our business is to solve problems and match solutions for our clients.

Sombro is an economic consulting firm in Warsaw that provides services to companies in the field of business establishment and development. Our specialty is the sale of ready-made companies in Poland and abroad, as well as accounting and legal (including labor law) support in their operation. The business consulting we offer includes assistance both in setting up companies from scratch and in purchasing ready-made entities and registering them.

As part of our services, we also offer our clients the possibility of convenient management of the company by, for example, providing an address for its registration and for handling correspondence. If you are interested in the offer that our KDG in Warsaw has, we invite you to contact us.

„Your problems are our Challenge.”

How to establish a limited liability company without any problems?

Not everyone has the knowledge of how to set up a company. However, this is not necessary, because nowadays you can decide to buy a ready-made limited liability company, but you need to put out some funds for this. It is not at all said that these must be very large amounts. You can ask a representative of a company that deals with their registration on a daily basis to sell the company. One is then sure that the company will have:

  • NIP,
  • REGON,
  • KRS number.

This is quite a convenience for individual customers who, for example, do not have time to set up companies. It is known that various situations happen in life and sometimes you have no control over your actions in certain categories. More complicated processes are better left to professionals who know much better and will not disappoint their clients by providing them with the right solutions in time. Our firm is waiting for you!

Ready-made companies for any interested person

Thus, ready-made companies can be purchased, as long as one wants to become a company owner and not spend a lot of time on this procedure. However, it is a known fact that buying a company is the first issue, and developing and maintaining it is an equally important matter. However, you can always count on the help of a company that sells companies, so that you don’t have to give up on your dreams after a while. It is also possible to take the help of specialists who have an idea about this subject and will support interested people with their experience.

Companies do not always cost the same It depends on several factors, but it is always possible at the very beginning to analyze all offers of interest to customers, mainly from the financial point of view. That’s when you make a decision that is favorable to you, so that you don’t deplete your budget too much, but can move forward with your new project.

Dealing with formalities in a professional manner

Ready-made companies Warsaw are a guarantee that all the formalities have been handled in a professional manner and you will not have to correct anything or risk financial penalties. It is known that many people are stressed by this, but experienced company employees will be able to delight any client. On the Internet there are many advertisements of the type buy zoo company.

A proper search will certainly bring the expected results, so such a step will certainly not be a source of sadness and failure. By the way, there is also the option of registering the company as a VAT taxpayer within hours. However, this depends solely on the requirements of the clients, who should know exactly what they expect from their company. Analyzing one’s intentions is crucial in this case, this will save money and worry, as one will certainly not make a wrong decision in this category. Those who are undecided can rely on the expert advice of more experienced people at our KDG law firm.

All registration documents in one place

The sale of ready-made companies is also based on the fact that all the company’s registration documents are in one place. Nothing important will be missing from them, and expert optimization of Social Security is also carried out, so that important authorities will not be undermined at the start. Company for sale is able to interest many people who are thinking about interesting projects and a new way of earning a living. So it is worthwhile to think well about such an investment, because in many cases it ends up being very successful. Besides, the investors guarantee themselves that:

  • The company will have been in existence for some time, but before that there is no demonstrated activity,
  • Starting operations at the new location is possible the same day,
  • By opting for a ready-made option they have a very wide range of activities and save a lot of time.

It is no wonder that the sale of ready-made companies Warsaw is doing so well nowadays, however, you first need to find the funds to be able to realize your dream. For many people, however, this is not a problem.

Perfectly conducted registration process

Our business consulting office is also to register a limited liability company with a professional company where the guarantee is a perfectly conducted registration process. It is known that individual authorities and institutions can make a lot of problems for customers, adding various fees. However, specialists are sensitive to such ploys, so the sale of companies will not make clients lose any money on it.

There is no need to face any delays, hassles with officials, as company representatives take such matters upon themselves and settle them on the spot, including when it comes to issues related to registering the company in the KRS. Thus, the sale of companies Warsaw can be an excellent investment when someone has a definite plan of action and knows well what he wants. That’s when selling companies with a history makes a lot of sense. The established company will, of course, have no financial liabilities, so those interested need not worry about this at all, as they will start the adventure with their project from scratch, working for their success.

Sale of limited liability companies with history.

We offer to purchase already registered limited liability companies, among others, throughout the country and even abroad.

Foreign companies

We help establish and operate companies in many countries outside of Poland – including the Czech Republic, Germany and the United Kingdom.


Thanks to our cooperation with accounting firms, we help with comprehensive accounting services for any type of business. We also offer HR and payroll services and advise on taxation.

Virtual office and address for your company

We can offer our clients an address in the center of Warsaw for company registration along with correspondence handling.

Advice and Assistance

With many years of experience with authorities in Poland and beyond, we can help in a great many cases.