Accounting office, full accounting services – Warsaw

The offices we work with provide accounting services for sole proprietorships as well as for commercial companies. Our offer is aimed at clients who do not want to pay for services they do not use. We offer full accounting, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, financial, human resources and payroll.

Accounting services – Warsaw

We help provide comprehensive accounting services for companies. We serve both sole proprietorships and all kinds of commercial companies. We offer tax advice, record keeping and such services as financial accounting, registration and settlements with the Social Security and the US, both current and annual. Bookkeeping and tax services can consist of full accounting or on the basis of such documents as tax cards or income and expense ledgers.

We provide an offer tailored to the actual needs of the Client, so the offer is addressed to those who care about professional accounting service at minimum cost. We are flexible, so we offer support for small business and large companies, and our goal is always to solve any financial problems of our clients.

Basic service for companies from 500 !!!