Company without Social Security (ZUS), LTD Company (sp. z o.o.) or Simple Joint Stock Company (PSA)

One element that hinders the development of entrepreneurship in Poland is the need for new entrepreneurs to pay Social Security contributions.
Every sole proprietorship and many limited liability companies in Poland are obliged to pay insurance and pension contributions regardless of the income earned.

Currently, the tribute paid to Social Security by the entrepreneur is more than PLN 1,400. per month.

Annually, these contributions amount to about PLN 17,000!!!

Especially in the first stage of business, these contributions are a big cost for a new entrepreneur. That is why we are coming out with a new initiative on the Polish market.

There is a fully legal way to do business in Poland and make money doing it, without having to pay these contributions. We are talking about limited liability companies, or a Simple Joint Stock Company (P.S.A.)

Business without Social Security (ZUS)

One-time remuneration Monthly fees One-time administrative costs Cost after 1 year
LTD 700 PLN 400 PLN 375 PLN 5875 PLN
One person Company 250 PLN 1450 PLN 0 PLN 17650 PLN
PSA Od 1000 PLN 500 PLN* 625 PLN 7625 PLN

* registry fee from 100 net per month and bookkeeping from 400 pln. per month SAVE even 11 775 PLN / YEAR

A properly formed and operated limited liability company allows you to:

  • Avoiding the need to pay Social Security,
  • Security of the entrepreneurs’ personal assets,
  • Simplicity of operation and a wide range of possibilities in the company,
  • The ability to run more than one company,
  • Separation of the company’s affairs from one’s own life,
  • Contrary to prevailing opinion, there is no need for double taxation of income,
  • Social security at a much lower amount.

Bookkeeping is another fixed cost, which even in its simplest form, i.e. a sole proprietorship, costs about PLN 200. Net. Since the introduction of JPK, bookkeeping on your own is very difficult.

In limited liability companies full accounting is required, which often scares off new entrepreneurs, however, we can offer you these services by a reputable company with an office in the center of Warsaw at an extremely favorable price, because from 400 zł. Net, so you can say that in the price of accounting for a one-person company.