Our companies are created for customers who appreciate the fastest and professional service while maximizing flexibility. Buying our company will allow you to start your business in just a few hours from the first contact. Do you want to buy a company? We will sell you!

We sell companies both in Warsaw and other cities and even abroad without the need to come to our office.

Our companies are already registered for VAT and VAT-EU, have not conducted any activity, we give a guarantee of no hidden liabilities.

Using our services you are guaranteed transparency of costs and conditions.

A ready-made company registered in the National Court Register without VAT 2090 300 2390
VAT registered company (price for signing contracts for Virtual Office and Bookkeeping)** 2090 300 2390
VAT registered company 2590 300 2890
Simple Joint Stock Company 2000-3990 300 2300-4290

*- Costs may vary depending on the buyer’s individual preferences ( includes updates, certification of signatures and preparation of update documents).

**- Price does not include the cost of Virtual Office or accounting.

Our ready-made Companies have

Company Contract, with a broad classification of the Company’s business activity PKD

  • Full registration in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • Tax Identification Number NIP
  • REGON statistical number
  • VAT and VAT – EU number

The course of the Company’s sale

  • Contact with the client
  • Arranging a meeting at the notary (preparation of the Articles of Incorporation) / or online
  • Assistance in obtaining an electronic signature
  • Signing of the contract and appointment of the new president
  • Implementation of changes in the KRS

Advantages of buying the Company

  • Turnaround time 1-2 days
  • Company immediately ready to take action
  • No hidden costs
  • Clean history of the company – no liabilities
  • Separation of personal and company assets
  • Many years of experience on the market

Sombro Economic Consultancy Office from Warsaw cordially invites you to cooperate with us. We offer professional ready-made companies for sale.


To begin with, it is necessary to distinguish between companies with seniority, i.e. a company that was established 6, 12 or 18 months earlier and was run with a view to resale without doing business, and something else are companies that did business and showed turnover.

Both types of companies are sought after by people who need more credibility before counterparties or before financial institutions to start a business, especially if external financing is required. Companies with turnover in some situations help in obtaining external financing, but it is important to remember that banks take into account changes in the board of directors as well as changes in the ultimate beneficiaries, so a company showing the required turnover may not get the expected financing. A similar function is fulfilled by seniority, except that it often also helps when dealing with other market participants who do not have insight into the company’s books but can see the duration of the company’s operation. In addition, the seniority of the company is a frequent condition for entering tenders.

Podobną funkcję spełnia staż, z tym że często pomaga on również w przypadku kontaktów z innymi uczestnikami rynku którzy nie mają wglądu w księgi firmy a widzą czas funkcjonowania przedsiębiorstwa. Dodatkowo staż przedsiębiorstwa jest częstym warunkiem przystąpienia do przetargów.

The main disadvantage of companies with a history is that they are most often bought off the market and the buyer does not have the physical opportunity to reliably check all aspects of its operation. Although liabilities beyond the company’s capacity are the responsibility of the existing management at the time the liabilities occurred, one should be aware that such situations involve problems for the new management, explanations in court and the unsuitability of the company not to mention additional costs. Companies with seniority created by companies like ours that have not been in business are the safest. In addition, you need to be aware that the turnover of the company can do relatively while the seniority from the establishment is at independent of other factors. So you can buy a company with seniority that will soon reach the turnover levels required by banks.

The smartest thing a person who needs more credibility in the market and is considering the above solutions can do is to contact a company that has been trading companies for years like our company. We only sell those that we have established ourselves and guarantee their clean history regardless of seniority. In the few cases when we have companies with turnover on offer, they are companies whose owners we know personally or through trusted persons. Even in such cases we do not guarantee that they are companies without hidden defects.

Sprzedajemy tylko takie, które sami zakładaliśmy i gwarantujemy ich czystą historię niezależnie od stażu. W niewielu przypadkach kiedy mamy w ofercie spółki z obrotami są to spółki których właścicieli znamy osobiście lub za pośrednictwem osób zaufanych. Nawet w takich przypadkach nie dajemy gwarancji że są to spółki bez ukrytych wad.